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T-Mobile Hotspot@Home / Nokia 6086

I just got the Nokia 6086 and T-Mobile’s Hotspot@Home service a few weeks ago. It is truly awesome. All calls from home now go over the internet so essentially these are VOIP (Voice over IP) calls. I run a secure network and had a few problems with that but it ends up working well.

If the network is open, it connects automatically. Unforunately, those locations where they make you agree to a Terms & Conditions prior to letting you surf, do not work (since you can’t do this on the phone).

The Noika 6086 looks like just another cell but it packs a pretty good bang for the buck. The best thing is the Nokia PC Suite (free download) and it’ll sync your phone with Outlook – including contacts, calendar, to-do list and notes. DO NOT use the contact/backup if you’re going to do this. It’ll screw things up big time. One or the other and they work great – just can’t do both.

The Nokia PC Suite also includes s/w to manage your files on the phone (I bought a 2G card – buy it from anywhere but t-mobile. Beware Wal-mart is NOT the place. They were actually more than t-mobile. I got mine through Fry’s but check around at TigerDirect or and you sounds find a good deal.)

Another cool thing I found in the s/w was a converter from avi to 3gp so I can even put full length movies on the phone (in case I’m somewhere and really bored).

More on this stuff later The phone was ONLY $50!

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