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Career Sites Embracing Video

Kate Kaye, one of my favorite “real” journalists, writes in today’s ClickZ that career sites are embracing online video at a very healthy clip.

“Video is a tiny sliver of recruitment advertising, but it’s growing incredibly fast,” said Peter Zollman, founding principal of Classified Intelligence, who predicts big increases over the next two to three years in online video job ads….As is the case for all classic classifieds ad categories, he continued, for online job ads, “Video is going to be up and print is going to be down.”

Kate points to an entry level package from CareerTV, which offers hosting and 4,000 impressions for $4,000. That’s a $1,000 CPM, which is an incredibly steep price to pay for online video advertising, but not too hefty compared to recruiting costs in general. Combined with the ability to reach the best candidates with the most visually compelling case for your company and its corporate culture in a way that no regular classified ad ever could, there is definitely room for growth in this niche. Recruiting fees to agencies can range from 10% – 20% of base salary, so landing one $50k hire would more than pay for itself.

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