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No Need to Re-Invent the Television

While I personally think there IS a need to reinvent television, Michael Grant brings up some interesting points in this post.


No Need to Re-Invent the Television

As Dan Rayburn noted in his Business of Online Media blog, MSNBC’s broadcast of the Ohio Democratic Candidates debate experienced some technical issues.

Oprah Winfrey’s big webcast also had some technical issues, as more than 500,000 people tried to access the live stream.

Perhaps the lesson to be learned is to focus on the right tool for the job.

Just as you cannot ask a desktop sharing application to broadcast to an audience of hundreds without issues, the recent MSNBC and Oprah experiences suggest you cannot stream live video to hundreds of thousands without issue. At least not yet.

But is that so bad? Why should streaming video try to replace television – a technology that works extremely well? I imagine streaming video would be better off focusing on the things television cannot do, like providing custom branding and registering and reporting on viewers.

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