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PluggedIn Media Betting On Professional Content

Can I get an Amen? I can from the Wall Street Journal’s Ethan Smith, who today spotlights the debut of PluggedIn Media, a service offering “free near-DVD-quality music videos licensed from three of the four biggest music companies, along with information about artists and links to buy merchandise and concert tickets.”

Most importantly, Ethan and PluggedIn Chief Executive Jeffrey Somers are hitting home the fact that while user generated content gets most of the buzz, professional produced content is where users are most engaged, and where advertisers want to be.

The site is powered by Move Networks technology, who yesterday announced an influx of an additional $46 million in cash.

It’s been no secret that we believe in professionally produced content being critical to having a real online video business model. While the u-gen sites continue to make it easier and easier to upload and share videos, there is very little focus from that community on revenue generating strategies. Companies that had built models around monetizing user generated content – like VideoEgg and Revver – have either shifted their focus towards more viable revenue streams or have essentially been taken behind the woodshed.

FunnyOrDie has been a perfect example of leaving funny to the pros. The latest addition is this fake PSA for The McLovin’ Fund.

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