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More ads coming, now (choke) on your phone

Ben Homer wrote a post titled Mobile Advertising is So Ghetto and while I may not understand the title of the post I do understand the content.

Watch out kiddies, more ads are coming your way and now they’re headed to your cell phone. Gone are the days when a phone was a phone. Now our phone is a text communications tool, a full-fledged PDA and an internet browser. We’re Dick Tracy (or Capt. Kirk, whichever is your preference) walking around with our Bluetooth headsets, about to bombarded with yet more advertising coming our way via our cell.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been in the online industry since 1988 (anybody remember BBSs?) so I understand that the need to monetize any property is necessary for survival and I also understand that, although the internet was purely utopian at the beginning, those days are long past and we’ve gotten over it.

But please… ads coming to my cell? This is akin to a man knocking on my bathroom door asking to demonstrate air freshener (for me to purchase, of course). Is no place sacred? I feel the answer is, that we can run from the marketing mavens but we can never hide.

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