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$461 Million for Online Video Startups in 2007

Data Center Knowledge wrote a post titled $461 Million for Online Video Startups in 2007 that struck me as good news this morning.

Amid troubles in the country with the economy, skyrocketing gas prices, and the credit crunch – optimism still prevails, at least in our industry. When there’s money to made and blood in the water it seems like almost everyone is willing to jump and get into the frenzy.

So why are investors willing to part with almost a half billion dollars for someone’s dreams? Simple. ROI. While I would concentrate on the failures, I believe that you’re going to see quite a few successes this year. So you think the YouTube/Google conglomerate has got a stranglehold on things? I think not. There’s so much more out there and the companies that are finding those niches and the technology innovators are destined for glory.

What will 2008 bring? When we reflect upon what was accomplished in 2008 I believe we’ll be satisfied with the work we’ve done but I think that 2008 will be judged more conservatively than 2007 since the economic troubles are making everyone tighten their belts and the demand for visible ROI strengthen. 2008 has been and will be a great year for the industry and everything it touches (CDN, Data centers).

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