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Broadband 2.0 Poised to Reshape Web, TV

Bryan Gardiner from Wired wrote a post titled Broadband 2.0 Poised to Reshape Web, TV that speaks of the coming 50-100mbps opening us up to the realm of jitter-free hi-def videos.

First, the consequences of this on television, as we now know it, could be a mind blower. I think about this and my brain starts spinning with thoughts of interactive television and how this could quickly easily affect everything from American Idol to The Biggest Loser. Think about those stupid reality shows…

Next, when we think of the web, the plot thickens. How much greater would be the divide between the haves and the have nots? Think of all the online applications that now are acceptable, then will be like it’s sitting on your desktop. Zero latency, zero load times.

As with salary, I’m sure we will rise to our potential and soon develop something that will not only use all that available bandwidth but, even more.

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