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Content with Content Delivery Networks? More than ever to choose from now!

Dan Rayburn of streamingmedia, published a post titled Three More CDNs Launch, Market Too Crowded and he has made some excellent points in his post. I encourage you all to read this.

The CDN market is crowded and not all players are poised to be in the same league as Akamai and Limelight. There are different technologies and service offerings and other differentiators which may or may not be important to you. Obviously, CDNs cannot to continue to slash prices (see my other post Just when you thought the price couldn’t go any lower…) without cutting, not only each others throats, but our own. In business school they drill into you NOT to compete on price – that you don’t want to have a reputation in the market as the low price player. Yet, in the real world and especially when every business decision is numbers-driven, that age-old advice needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

Is price important? Certainly. Is that an overriding factor? Most of the time no. What good is it if I get a great price and the service doesn’t deliver? What good is it spending good money and get treated like doggy poo-poo by my provider? I hear the stories every day.

What do CDN customers want? Reliable service with innovative technology at a decent price and, of course, to be treated right. It’s real simple. Everybody makes money. Everybody’s happy.

As I stated before, Dan makes some excellent points in this post and I think the future of CDN is very bright. The number of content providers continue to increase exponentially as the months go on and I believe that this is just the beginning. The CDNs who have come onboard and are continuing to join the market owe a debt of gratitude to the dominant players who built a market when there was none and have led the way to where we are today. The technology that we see now though, leapfrogs what our predecessors have built and now we have something that is genuinely new and improved.

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