Posted by : Randy Cooper in (CDN)

Akamai marches on despite economic downturn

Akamai recently announced increased profit and revenue when it released it’s 1st quarter earnings statement this week. Despite fears of a recession looming, demand for their CDN services have increased as Internet usage continues to grow. “We haven’t detected any shift or pullback due to economic concerns. We’re cautiously optimistic that that will continue through the rest of the year in terms of Internet initiatives,” said Chief Executive Paul Sagan.

Of course that doesn’t help alleviate investor concerns of increased competition and how that may affect Akamai’s pricing and revenue. An ever-growing number of competitors combined with Limelight Networks, it’s primary rival, have been putting the pressure on the company.

Overall, I view this as good news for the industry as growth is strong and the demand is present and continues to grow. The mantra remains the same as CDN providers continue to battle it out in the trenches. Our technology is exciting, we provide a quality service for the content providers and each and every one of us should feel good about what we do.


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