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Vusion CDN hopes to go from stealth to wealth

Vusion today announced it’s ditching its stealth-mode name of Jittr Networks and promises to provide “the industry’s first end-to-end
online video distribution service capable of providing the scalability and reach to serve true HD and DVD quality video to 95 percent of all broadband consumers.”

While they aren’t the first content delivery network provider to try the video-only route, my initial reaction was a turnoff when I was prompted to install a plug-in in order to view the content. While I don’t think this is a show stopper, it could cause some initial hesitation among both the neophyte user and the experienced security-conscious user. That being said, I installed the player with great fear and trepidation (walking on the wild side). Then I saw what they delivered… WOW! This stuff was awesome. Even in full-screen mode, the demos they had were great. I’m not a big hip-hop fan either but the videos hit home the exact message they wanted to and I found myself going full-screen and blasting the neighbors off the back porch.

While the link from the news page titled The Future of Video on the Internet only goes to some dorky PDF with a picture and no real content, their service epitomizes what that statement reflects.


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