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The gap between time spent online and watching TV is closing

18 to 34 year-olds spent 60.6 minutes more watching TV per day (206.0 minutes) than they did online (145.4 minutes). That is down from June 2006…

eMarketer displayed some interesting results of a survey by the Television Bureau of Advertising citing internet usage closing the gap with with watching TV. While I AM one who loves to sit on my reclining sofa and watch TV and movies, naturally I spend more than my share online as well.

Consumers in the US ages 25 to 44 spent equal amounts of time on the Internet and watching TV

The results of this survey however, brightens my day. Just when you think kids brains are turning to much from watching all that crap on TV (can you scream American Idol?), a survey such as this comes out and blows me away. Not that all time spent online is productive and/or educational (nor should it be). I think though I’d rather have my kids surfing the net than channel surfing.

The other night we went to a high school awards ceremony. It was great to see these young people honored for the hard work and effort they put forth academically and for their community. I bet they didn’t spend a bunch of time watching TV. While I’m not ready to cast my lot with the extremists and call TV a tool of the devil, I will say that this survey results gives me hope for the future of an even brighter tomorrow.

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