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10 Easy Steps to use Google App Engine as your own CDN

When the big boys run websites (basically any brand name site you can think off) they use Content Delivery Networks (CDN’s) to host most of their content, especially images, stylesheets, files to download and other static content. The reason they do this is that the less they have to host themselves the less load they have on their servers, and the more content they can host closer to the end user the quicker the user can download it. The most famous CDN is probably Akamai, that almost run their own parallell internet. Akamai and other CDN providers cost big bucks though, so it is nothing for us mere mortals.

But thanks to Google anyone can now run their own CDN for free on Googles servers. It is really easy to set up and storing files for downloads, stylesheets etc on Google instead of on your own site takes the load of your servers (and consumes much less bandwidth of your hosting account) and speeds things up for the end users. It’s a win win situation, and it is also really really cool!


I haven’t tried this myself but theoretically you could do some edge caching like this…


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