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Investors: I Don’t Work For Any Content Delivery Network (CDN)

With all the craziness that is going on in the CDN space now and as competitive as it has gotten, I see a lot of financial sites, blogs and others using a lot of the content from my blog. There are some in the investment community in particular, who try to twist my words around to make my what I say best reflect the company they are invested in. Or they try the tactic of telling others that I work for the CDN I am writing about or own stock in the company, so I must have a vested interest in what I am saying.


Dan Rayburn wrote the above post which is particularly well-timed since Friday will be my last day at Highwinds and I will be moving on to work at an interactive marketing agency. I will continue to run and support this blog as usual.

My whole purpose is starting and continuing this blog was to provide a place for CDN professionals (those who actually work in this industry) a place where they could find everything that is going on. I post everything I can find about CDN and video delivery. I’ve never NOT posted an article because it was favorable to a Highwinds competitor, in fact, I think you’ll find actually very little on this blog about Highwinds.

Dan pointed out to me when I started the blog that the anonymity I placed on myself could be perceived as covert by my readers. It was a point well taken and I revealed more about myself, my employer and even included a link to my LinkedIn profile. My point is this – this blog isn’t about me, my soon-to-be-former employer or any advertiser or CDN company that has ever approached me. Just like any good blog or website – it’s all about the content. Of which, I admittedly don’t come up with much original. I grab enough so you can figure out if it’s worth reading and you can click and read straight from the source (which I always, always, always reference).

I enjoyed working at Highwinds and they’ve got some very talented people and are just a great group of folks to work with. As I move to this new opportunity, I can’t “wash off” CDN anymore than I get get rid of all my tattoos – it’s a part of me, and I look forward to exploring what lies ahead in the CDN world just as much as the rest of you. Beuno suerte!

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