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Edgeware to Announce Disruptive Web TV Appliance @ IBC 2008

Stockholm, Sweden (September 1, 2008) – Edgeware will use IBC2008 to announce a revolutionary new server that dramatically reduces the cost of delivering web TV and video services. Based on the highly successful Edgeware solid-state server technology, the new product reduces co-location, power and rack space costs for CDNs and service providers by as much as 90% when compared to nearest competition.

The opportunity to instantaneously reach a single global audience via the World Wide Web is a very attractive proposition for providers of popular premium content whilst for generators of niche content it provides the only cost effective medium for reaching their audience.

However, on the open web, video packets compete with all other traffic on an equal basis giving rise to severe delivery issues. The solution is to distribute dedicated devices across networks that can intelligently cache and rapidly deliver rich-media content according to demand – providing quality of service regardless of congestion.


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