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Patent Details Emerge In Level 3′s Suit Against Limelight Networks

Patents 807 and 935 talk to the same abstract, which is “Resource requests made by clients of origin servers in a network are intercepted by reflector mechanisms and selectively reflected to other servers called repeaters. The reflectors select a best repeater from a set of possible repeaters and redirect the client to the selected best repeater. The client then makes the request of the selected best repeater. The resource is possibly rewritten to replace at least some of the resource identifiers contained therein with modified resource identifiers designating the repeater instead of the origin server.”

Patent 405 talks to the same idea of routing traffic to the best source through a selection process. While the abstract of patent 405 is similar to patents 807 and 935, patent 405 has a more detailed abstract that talks to measuring traffic on the network and states “…. is based on real-time measurement of costs associated with the alternative paths, in response to a user request for transmission of message data to a destination on the network. Cost metrics include delay, throughput, jitter, loss, and security.”



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