Posted by : Randy Cooper in (CDN)

Sling Media Founder backs BitGravity

Last month I learned that Sling Media founder Blake Krikorian backed video CDN BitGravity. Not only is Sling a customer (presumably in regards to the forthcoming, my former leader (and Rock Band compatriot) was a participant in BitGravity’s first round of funding ($2.5 million) and has landed on their board. It’s a good time to get in – the content delivery network space has been heating up as web video takes off. Though we’re seeing a variety of players, including incumbents such as Akamai and newcomers like GridNetworks, battling for the distribution deals. While it’s not unusual to find sitting CEOs on various company boards (see: Steve Jobs), it’s my belief that Blake’s shown his hand… I’ve got no inside info, but I’m willing to bet within 6 months (either after the EchoStar acquisition anniversary or after CES) he leaves Sling for a VC firm.


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