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A ‘C change’ in CDN?

Telcos worldwide are looking hard at the CDN opportunity

In the world of content distribution networks, A is for Akamai. What about the rest? Is B for BitGravity, or maybe BitTorrent because of the potential impact of peer-to-peer technology on CDNs? Is C for content? I don’t think so. I think it’s for carrier or maybe cloud — and in either case, the “C change” is potentially a major one for the CDN world.

Content distribution networks evolved as a means of getting traffic off the Internet backbone, where peering delay and the intricacies of peering agreements threaten to make any highly visual Web site (much less content) into a PR nightmare for the owner. A CDN acts as a local cache for key content elements; with a local cache, elements load faster and use less core bandwidth. The process works best if there’s a lot of repetitive demand for a relatively contained list of content and the content in demand isn’t available locally through some other means. The reason a P2P network could affect CDNs is that it offers another local place where content might be available.


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