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Voxel’s New Hosting Model Brings CDN At No Extra Cost

Voxel’s new open source Apache web server module allows customers to seamlessly offload rich media content from hosted infrastructure onto the VoxCAST CDN

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NEW YORK/EWORLDWIRE/Sep. 16, 2008 — Voxel dot Net Inc. today announced that it will offer fully-integrated, premium on-demand content delivery network (CDN) services as part of its standard hosting offering – at no extra charge. Branding this new innovation as Universal Transfer, Voxel becomes the first hosting company to allow its clients to mix and match their high bandwidth needs between dedicated servers and a CDN. For new and existing hosting clients, Voxel believes this will dramatically simplify the decision-making process regarding current and future capacity needs.

Starting today, companies who know they need hosting – but still may not know when or if they may need a CDN – can benefit from flexible customized contracts, transparent pricing, and the ease of working with the experienced and professional team of engineers at Voxel. Already in front of industry trends blurring the lines between the hosting and CDN industries, the company created Universal Transfer to meet market demand.

“Especially in today’s economy, hosting clients such as fast-growing start-ups and rich media sites want to pay for only what they need while still preparing for growth and reaching a global audience,” says CEO and founder Raj Dutt. “By removing the cost-premium typically charged in our industry for using a CDN in conjunction with hosting, we’ve made this a no-brainer. Just turn it on, and we’ll make it happen.”


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