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Move Networks Forms Strategic Partnership with Inuk Networks

Move Networks–a Utah-based company which offers patent-pending technologies for delivering live and on-demand HD-quality broadband video (its technologies are used by, among others, ABC, Discovery Communications, ESPN, Fox and Warner Bros.), and which recently announced that Microsoft had joined its Series C funding round (see article in this issue)–has formed a strategic partnership with UK-based IPTV specialist, Inuk Networks (note: the latter is best known for its Freewire platform, which offers video, voice and data services and which was initially targeted at the student market; for an in-depth overview of the company, its offerings, and its plans to expand into the US market, see [itvt]’s interview with its CEO, Marcus Liassides, in Issue 7.65). According to the companies, their partnership will see Inuk integrating Move Networks’ video publishing system, including its Move Simulcode and Move Adaptive Stream technologies, in order to deliver a combined broadband video solution for PC’s and Mac’s via Inuk’s igloo virtual set-top box software (note: for more on the igloo software, see article in this issue).

The companies say that Inuk will offer a complete wholesale solution for content owners and platform operators that will include the integrated technologies, as well as hosting, systems integration, billing, playout, support and CDN services. Their partnership will allow content owners and platform operators to offer an Internet TV experience with high-fidelity video images and near-instantaneous start, the companies claim, and also to add a standalone TV application featuring a full EPG, channel-change via the keyboard or an IR/Bluetooth remote, on-screen overlays and picture-in-picture features. “We looked at numerous peer-to-peer and traditional streaming solutions to provide an Internet delivery solution for our igloo PC solution but it’s impossible to replicate a true TV experience if you have buffering every time you channel surf,” Inuk CEO, Liassides, said in a prepared statement. “Move Networks’ technology changes that, and together we are taking Internet television to the next level by merging the best of the traditional and new online television worlds.” Added Move Networks CEO, John Edwards: “Our partnership with Inuk provides a new option in terms of user experience and also creates exciting opportunities with cable, satellite and IPTV platform operators who want to offer an off-net or multi-room solution to PC’s and Macs.” Inuk’s interactive entertainment platform allows end-users to watch video, talk on the phone and interact live with other viewers from within the same application. The company claims that this opens opportunities for monetizing customers beyond paid content with new revenue streams from targeted advertising and converged applications. Such applications already supported by the platform, according to the company, include phone integration, location-based services, instant messaging, and integration with social networking sites and applications.


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