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Yesmail Partners with EdgeCast to Provide Superior Content Delivery Network Service

Yesmail™ (an infoGROUP company) (NASDAQ: IUSA), a recognized industry-leading provider of permission-based online email marketing solutions, announced today a new partnership with EdgeCast Networks, the superior, cost-effective global content delivery service that gives their customers competitive advantage in the delivery of digital media.

Yesmail’s partnership with EdgeCast provides email recipients a superior experience by providing faster downloads of images within mail, and faster downloading of hosted content, improving performance by an order of magnitude. Additional benefits include lower latency access to content for non-US customers, specifically in, Asian, European, and Latin American markets.

Much of the email marketing of today is rich with digital images, video and audio. When recipients open an image-laden modern email marketing message they expect those images to load as fast as the old text-only emails of yesterday. Numerous studies have shown, that for a given email marketing campaign, the speed at which the emails open is directly proportional to that campaign’s success in terms of click-throughs and, ultimately, ROI. It is this critical aspect of the email marketing campaign, the user experience of actually loading and reading the email, where EdgeCast’s content delivery network (CDN) plays a critical role.


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