Posted by : Randy Cooper in (CDN)

MediaMelon Launches New Video Overlay Network (VON)

The MediaMelon Video Overlay network integrates several leading edge technologies such as multi-sourcing and adaptive streaming to improve the efficiency and visual quality of online video. MediaMelon’s unique Dynamic Content Assembly™ technology sources content from multiple locations and assembles in real-time the content for viewing, even on a slow network. Its new Predictive Forward Caching™ technology allows portions of videos to be intelligently pre-cached based on a variety of parameters helping publishers to reduce costs and improve the viewing quality for their users. MediaMelon’s ability to selectively source content from sub-networks geographically close to the viewers reduces transit costs. Also, its use of multiple protocols such as http, rtp, rtsp and p2p, decreases bandwidth costs while enabling instant and smooth playback of video content.

MediaMelon’s technology has been integrated with leading Content Management Systems, such as thePlatform and Content Delivery Networks, such as Velocix. Publishers using thePlatform can access the MediaMelon network technology seamlessly within their media publishing systems. MediaMelon also has partnered with leading advertising platforms, such as Adap.TV and Panache, to provide video publishers with instant monetization options.


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