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Brightcove Aims at the Mainstream: Talking with CEO Jeremy Allaire

Tuesday brought two big pieces of news in the Internet video industry: The relaunch of New York-based Joost as a Hulu clone and the official launch of the newest video hosting platform from Cambridge, MA-based Brightcove. The former development was probably of more interest to consumers, who get an increasing portion of their video entertainment via Web-based platforms. But the latter is of more interest to content publishers, who are searching for news ways to lure these avid video consumers to their sites—and keep them there.

Though Brightcove is probably the largest and best-capitalized company supporting on-demand video services for business clients, it competes in an increasingly crowded marketplace. A short list of companies that help clients maintain Web video channels includes thePlatform, FeedRoom, Extend Media, PermissionTV, and Yahoo subsidiary Maven Networks. (The latter three are located right here in the Boston area—see our March 2008 story on the Greater Boston Internet Video Cluster.)


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