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BitGravity Strikes Deal With SpaceX to Stream the Stars

The video content delivery network BitGravity has landed a deal with Silicon Valley, space transportation venture SpaceX to livestream upcoming launches of its rockets from a camera attached to the outside of the vehicles. While the tech community struggles with the financial frenzy, the year-old CDN is looking up, literally.

“We’re streaming, and they’re launching rockets. It’s kind of interesting to see that happen while massive budgets from other countries are involved doing this, and we’re just a couple of startup companies,” said BitGravity co-founder and CTO Barrett Lyon.

BitGravity, which claims to be the “first carrier-grade live video broadcasting solution for the Internet,” launched last fall, and introduced its live streaming product at the DEMO08 conference. In addition to clients such as Revision3 and The Tom Green Show, it is currently in talks with many of the major media companies and was picked up to stream the Democratic National Convention.

SpaceX is a commercial project that also has its roots in Silicon Valley with Pay Pal founder Elon Musk. This past September, in its fourth attempt, SpaceX made history becoming the first private company to launch a rocket into orbit.


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