Posted by : Randy Cooper in (CDN)

Thinking about Akamai’s Q3 Report

Content Delivery heavyweight Akamai reports Q3 earnings today after the market close. The CDN market has been quite an interesting place this year, with literally dozens of upstarts raising money and building out competing products, lawsuits clouding the skies, P2P going in and out of fashion, and a half dozen network operators jockeying for pole position. Through it all, the only company that really matters from a revenue standpoint is Akamai which should ring the bell at over $750M in revenue from all its various CDN-related services this year. As much noise as we might hear from all those newer CDNs, or even from Limelight or Level 3, it is Akamai’s report that will tell us the most about how the CDN business has fared through this ugly spell in the financial markets.


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