Posted by : Randy Cooper in (CDN)

Will Akamai Have Their Cake and Sell Advertising, Too?

…you can imagine the head-scratching that has gone into the online advertising industry’s softest launch so far. A few weeks ago, content delivery network, Akamai, purchased acerno and sneaked in an announcement of their Advertising Decision Solutions group. I don’t quite see how an online shopping network suddenly translates into a behavioral targeting platform, but the gratuitous Flash landing page at announces quite subtly that “Akamai Acquires acerno and Gets Into Behavioral Targeting.”

I’d call that buried. Buried as far as you can go. Today, the company announced the second leg of a stool with an unknown number of legs…in the form of Insight for Publishers. It’s a little odd, because Akamai is a company with a well-established set of relationships with digital publishers. By our own measures, the company has defined the Content Delivery Network (CDN) category, working with major publishers globally to improve the performance of their online properties.


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