Posted by : Randy Cooper in (CDN)

Political Sites Use CDNs To Scale Up for Election Night Traffic

Election Night is one of the great scheduled scalability challenges. The extraordinary interest in the U.S. Presidential election is likely to translate into enormous web traffic tonight, and news sites and political blogs have had months to prepare. This is the political equivalent of the Super Bowl, and sites are scaling up to meet the challenge. Several hosting companies report increased sales of dedicated servers, and election traffic will likely be a boon to content delivery networks (CDNs).

For some sites, preparing their infrastructure has already been a lengthy process. “I’ve done a lot of stuff since January to get the site ready for Election Day, since we also had primary election traffic to worry about,” said Jeremy Bingham, who manages the back end for Daily Kos, the hugely popular political blog. “Our images are on a CDN, but the rest of the site doesn’t lend itself to caching on a CDN because of its dynamic nature.”


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