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Recast Digital launches High Definition (HD) showcase for the next generation of web video

London, 5th November, 2008: New technology launched today is set to pull the world of online media into sharper focus. New kid on the block, Recast Digital, has developed a proprietary method of optimizing the playback performance of High Definition (HD) video within Flash®, removing the viewer’s need for specialist software installations or increasingly powerful computers.

Utilizing the ubiquitous Flash® Player, supporting full DVD quality and High Definition (HD) video material, Recast’s technology will open up new opportunities for delivering video over the internet and portable media such as flash memory drives.

The company, which launched this month, has set up an interactive High Definition video showcase on its website offering viewers a sample selection of video clips at quality levels of between 860kbps and 3.2mbps. Recast asserts that its 3mbps versions are virtually indistinguishable from digital source files four or five times the size – even on large plasma screens.

Luke Wheeler, co-Founder and Director of Recast Digital says: “Unlike other examples of High Definition web video, our technology is less computer-intensive, requires less bandwidth, doesn’t require any special software download, it handles high frame rates and renders fantastic colour and smooth transitions. Our goal is to make High Definition content instantly accessible, more interactive and place it firmly within the reach of mass audiences.”

Recast Digital’s services are ideal for premium brands, ad agencies, and content owners who are keen display their video media in the best possible light, and to explore new opportunities to engage with and attract a more captivated discerning online audience.

Recast Digital offers online media businesses an end-to-end managed live and on-demand video solution for high quality content – which includes encoding, storage, security, and high bandwidth global delivery. Video can be delivered as a true stream or as a progressive download, and integration and design can be heavily customised to complement each client’s unique requirements, branding and websites.


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About Recast Digital

Recast Digital Limited is a developer and provider of advanced High Definition (HD) video services which enable full screen, high quality video delivery over the internet, private networks or portable media. Recast Digital’s services utilize existing Flash® player software on viewer’s PCs, which make the technology both highly accessible and interactive in both live and on-demand environments. Recast Digital provides enhanced video services to ad agencies, premium brands, video content creators, owners, aggregators and broadcasters.

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