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US Elections attracted 8,572,042 internet users per minute

According to Akamai Technologies, the worlds largest content delivery network and content and application delivery provider for world’s largest and best news networks like CNN, BBC etc. a record of 8.5 million visitors were recorded at 11:00PM EST.

Akamai registered a record 8.5 million “global visitors per minute” at 11:00 P.M EST last night. The previous record of 7.2 million was set in June 2006 for the World Cup, company data shows. 8:30 a.m. update: Here’s statement provided to Beet.TV by an Akamai spokesperson:

“We believe the information that is communicated by this Net Usage Index for News is an important measurement tool for showing the Internet’s pervasive role in our day-to-day lives. Yesterday’s Election Night coverage generated the highest peak in global Web traffic — to a collective set of leading online news sites — that we have seen since launching the index in August of 2005. We expect Web traffic levels to also be high today as people continue to follow this historic event.”


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