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CDN News from Europe
VDO-X, the next generation CDN technology suite, was unveiled at Streaming Media Europe. It got great reviews from visitors. The ease of use, easy workflow, rich reporting and statistics, instant traffic relaying and the full featured self service center were seen as the key benefits. VDO-X attracted the attention of other CDN’s who are now considering licensing VDO-X to improve their service. Most CDN’s have a great infrastructure, but need a lot of improvement in their workflow and feature set. That is what VDO-X offers them. VDO-X is currently being tested by CDN’s and streaming operators in Ireland, Brazil, Russia, Netherlands, Belgium, USA and Asia. If you are a professional CDN customer or operator, we invite you to test drive VDO-X. We have a free demo service online! We need you to sign a NDA, and then you can test drive for a week. Contact to sign up.
StreamZilla won the Readers’ Choice awards for best European Content Delivery Network. Over 4000 Streaming Media Magazine readers voted for their favorite CDN. StreamZilla delivered 1.7 billion streams in 2008 so far (and counting). No other CDN’s publish their volumes, but we expect that with 1.7B video streams we are leading the European pack. StreamZilla has been profitable since the start in 2003, no debts, no loans, no external investors, and we are growing fast. This gives us a very strong position to grow, compared to most other CDN’s who are losing money every day…

I rcvd the above via email from our friends across the pond @ JetStream

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