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Introducing Adobe Flash Media Server 3.5

Today is a very exciting day for Video on the Web. We have just announced the next update to Adobe Flash Media Server. The new Flash Media Server 3.5 provides new innovation for delivery quality, ease of use and opportunities for Live media experiences that the world has never seen on the web. I’ll cover the high level position and some example scenarios in this post, then direct you for detailed information at the bottom. Over the coming weeks, watch this blog as we draw closer to release where I will dive deep into the server’s new features and provide some examples.

We will also be doing FULL overview of the server at Adobe MAX in San Francisco this week. At 8:30pm (after the reception) you can join the product team in the Bird of a Feather session titled, “FUTURE OF VIDEO ON THE WEB” See my blog posting earlier this month for a full streaming schedule which ALL sessions will be focused showing off this new version.
Delivery Quality with Dynamic Streaming

Flash Media Server 3.5 combined with Flash Player 10 or AIR 1.5 (also announced today) will help improve video experiences in Flash. As we watch video on the web over constant-changing network conditions this feature will allow video quality to improve or degrade with no interruption in video or audio flow.


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