Posted by : Randy Cooper in (CDN)

Rackspace/Mosso Partners with Limelight Networks to Provide CDN

Cloud Files is a new product offering from Rackspace/Mosso that is an inexpensive, scalable, dyanmic storage system. We’ve partnered with Limelight Networks’ Content Delivery Service to bring you an incredibly easy way to publish your content over a world-class, industry leading CDN.

The core storage system is designed to provide a safe, secure, automatically re-sizing, and network accessible way for you to store your data. You can store files ranging in size from a single byte up to 5 gigabytes and you can store as much as you want and only pay for what you use. With Cloud Files there is no over-buying/under-utilizing storage space. All data is secure and private and only accessible to that user account. This is a great solution for storing system backups, copies of your digital media such as photos and videos, or as a storage system available to multiple computers.

By combining the core storage system with Limelight Networks’ CDN, you now have an easy way to distribute your data to everyone. Limelight Networks has 18 edge locations over the globe with media-grade optical networks connecting them. They provide CDN service to over 1300 businesses(1) who rely on their network to be performant and continuously available. Our partnership with them is not a one-off solution; when you publish content through them it is distributed across their entire infrastructure just like all of their other customers.


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