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Level 3 Scores More CDN Business from NHL

Level 3 Communications Inc. (Nasdaq: LVLT) has won even more business from the National Hockey League (NHL), extending its relationship to now include high-definition online video streaming. The sports league has increased its business with Level 3 and will now use the service provider’s content delivery network (CDN) for storage, caching, and download services, as well as HD streaming.

The deal builds on an existing relationship with Level 3, which also provides the sports league with standard-definition and HD broadcast and high-speed transit services. And, if Level 3 has its way, it will provide a template for other customers to move from traditional broadcast services to online content delivery. The key to this strategy is in Level 3′s ability to offer a full suite of broadcast and broadband services, through a combination of its CDN and its Vyvx broadcast unit. The company recently added encoding to its portfolio of services, which will allow it to offer an end-to-end solution for content owners that want a single-source provider.

Grant van Rooyen, president of Level 3′s content markets group, says the company worked very hard to expand its relationship with the NHL, which had long depended on Vyvx for broadcast services. In 2007, the NHL upped the ante by adding Level 3′s IP transit services, and earlier this year began depending on Level 3 for some CDN services.


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