Posted by : Randy Cooper in (CDN)

Velocix Launches New CDN Offering For ISPs With Support From Adobe and Microsoft

Velocix has launched a new product named Velocix Metro that enables ISPs to deploy servers within their access network, providing them with their own content delivery network for video and other rich media content. (press release)

While Verizon was the first to announce they would deploy Velocix servers to deliver content to their last mile customers with FiOS, this announcement now takes that offering and makes it available as a product to any ISP looking to cut their costs, manage traffic more effectively and generate a new business model. Besides being a unique offering in the market where a CDN is looking to license their distribution technology to other providers, Velocix also announced that Metro comes pre-bundled with server software from Adobe and Microsoft to support Flash, Windows Media and Silverlight and is working with Sun as the preferred equipment provider.


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