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Substance Behind the Graph

You may have that noticed a number of smaller delivery networks are keen to tout their advanced reporting features and capabilities as a means to highlight “advanced technologies” and “superior reporting platforms.” These small CDNs often leverage web services to provide an impressive collection of graphs and metrics that are heavily relied on by their sales force. But don’t be fooled – these impressive results from online reporting capabilities should be seen for what it is: a lack of traffic, scale and platform offerings.

That’s not to say, however, that reporting and analytical capabilities aren’t vitally important for CDN users. Over 1,000 CDN customers surveyed by responded that analytics and reporting is the number one area they want their CDNs to improve. That’s a request we can’t afford to ignore, which is why the continued development of advanced reporting and analytical capabilities is an important focus area for us at Limelight.

At Limelight Networks, currently accumulate and process over 100 terabytes of uncompressed log files each day due to the sheer volume of Internet traffic we deliver globally on our network. We offer byte-level accurate reporting on this traffic – not a sample or estimate, but an actual accounting of each bit we deliver. Reporting and analyzing this data in a timely and consistent basis is no small task when you are delivering massive traffic volumes. This puts us in a unique position to not only innovate, but also provide analytics and insights that few, if any, companies have ever delivered to their customers.

Many emerging CDNs also have a significantly narrower set of product offerings. Those fewer platform offerings, combined with lower traffic levels than a Tier 1 CDN, means a simpler reporting process. Limelight’s network size creates immense technical challenges in providing actionable results, but we believe the information we provide is not only for the benefit of our customers but advertisers and publishers and other members of the Internet ecosystem.

At the end of the day, the insights that the scale of a Tier 1 CDN can provide are important to online businesses. And on a higher level, the success of the ecosystem of the Internet will rely on a deep understanding of both consumer demands and business needs — and not on just a pretty graph.


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