Posted by : Randy Cooper in (CDN)

Akamai Sponsors Beet.TV

Akamai, the world’s largest content delivery network, a giant network of servers around the globe which streams video for Reuters, MySpace, Metacafe NBC, CBS, CNN, the BBC and many others, is sponsoring Beet.TV for the next 30 days with an exclusive in-stream advertising message running in our 800 clips.

Here’s a statement about the Beet sponsorship from Akamai’s Suzanne Johnson, Senior Industry Marketing Manager for Digital Media: “Beet.TV offers in depth and on point coverage of the fast paced digital media and Web 2.0 business world. What makes Beet TV unique is its adoption of video as its communications medium and online syndication to extend its reach. Akamai is excited to support Beet in bringing this innovative and very relevant coverage to digital media audiences across the Internet.”


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