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Brightcove Pulls Plug on Consumer Product

Brightcove Networks pulled the plug on its consumer product, leaving YouTube Inc. as the main outlet for amateur videographers looking to generate ad revenue from online videos.

The move to fold its Brightcove Network service, which had been planned for several months, follows the recent rollout of the company’s Brightcove 3 platform, which is designed to drive increased traffic for videos distributed by Brightcove, and to improve the quality of videos by automatically detecting a user’s bandwidth and delivering the best video quality available based on each user’s settings.

Brightcove sent email messages to subscribers of its Brightcove Network service this week, informing them that they would not be able to access their accounts after Dec. 17. The company also told users they have until Jan. 31 to opt to upgrade its paid Brightcove 3 service.

When the firm launched Brightcove Network in 2006, the company planned to sell advertising and provide content syndication services to users that uploaded videos to Brightcove, but the company failed to gain traction in the ad-sales world.


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