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Aflexi Offers CDN Services to ISPs & Webhosting Companies

aflexi-logoAflexi launches the next-generation collaborative CDN ecosystem and platform.

Aflexi tears down the Content Delivery Network barrier and enables any webhost or content provider to be a CDN player

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, January 5, 2009.

Today, Aflexi ( launched their new service and content delivery management solution that enables web hosts and content distributors to provide high performance, scalable and secure content distribution at extremely competitive pricing. By using Aflexi’s new software and network of datacenters, a web host or content provider can expand their service offerings and cost-effectively deliver an unlimited amount of high and standard definition video, music, graphics and other large digital objects to consumers and businesses through the world.

“Web Hosts and content providers can now compete with the big CDNs and telecoms,” said Whei Meng Wong, CEO of Aflexi. “For only $150 a month, content providers and webhosts can now build a customized worldwide or regional CDN network. This network is designed to deliver traffic for as low as $0.008 per gigabyte.”

The Aflexi technology can manage and optimize website traffic across various ISPs and their POPs. Because Aflexi uses a network of ISPs, not relying on a single network or just a few providers, an Aflexi-enabled ISP or web host is much more resistant to downtime and can guarantee high speed data delivery.

“The content delivery space is a very competitive market space,” said Paul Palumbo, analyst with AccuStream Research. ”However, by improving efficiency, pricing and performance flexibility, and overall ease of use, hosting networks and bandwidth services are able to drive better margins and compete more effectively on a global scale.”

The intelligent Alexi back-end system scrutinizes traffic patterns and visitor profiles, and can make the necessary adjustments in real time to ensure the highest possible delivery speeds and data quality. If a specific server or network becomes overloaded, the Aflexi system automatically reroutes incoming and outgoing traffic to the next available ISP, server or POP. If your audience suddenly explodes, the Aflexi will instantaneously recognize the peak demand and add additional servers and POPS to the network to handle the increased traffic.

More About Aflexi

Based in Malaysia, Aflexi develops and provides content delivery solutions for ISPs and content distributors worldwide. Aflexi develops Content Delivery Networks (CDN) with a marketplace approach designed for websites that have huge amount of traffic, intelligently directing visitors to the best available or highest performing server.

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