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Obama Inauguration Sets Streaming Records

contentinople-logoThe Web made history yesterday (along with President Barack Obama). Akamai, Limelight, and Highwinds together were responsible for 8 million simultaneous streams of the inauguration ceremony, according to estimates from Dan Rayburn at the Streaming Media blog.

Limelight claims to have streamed the address to 2.5 million viewers, and Akamai says it peaked at over 7 million active simultaneous streams at 12:15 p.m. EST, serving over 800 Gbit/s of Flash streaming to more than 100 media outlets. Highwinds says it peaked with 625,000 streams and 310 Gbit/s of bandwidth during the ceremony.

Meanwhile, crushed its previous total daily streaming record (5.3 million on Election Day) by serving 21.3 million live video streams globally, peaking with 1.3 million concurrent live streams just before Obama began his speech.

In other news:

  • Google reported its Inauguration Day search stats, including some interesting notes such as that 12 percent of inauguration queries came from outside the U.S. Most interestingly, searches plummeted during the time Obama was taking his oath and giving his inauguration speech. So maybe we were all actually paying attention.
  • Unless we were just too busy updating our Facebook statuses. Facebook received a million status updates during the inauguration. The site was receiving an averege of 4,000 updates per minute during the morning, but peaked at 8,500 updates per minute during the inaugural speech. Twitter also saw a jump in updates. The site doesn’t give an exact number, but says it saw five times the normal amount of tweets per second.
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