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Aquilent Working with GSA to Cut Costs over 75% in Delivery of Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure and Content Delivery Network

Strategic Expertise Guides Implementation of IT Roadmap – Reduces Costs, Dramatically Increases Efficiencies, and Enables Green Computing for and Sites

aquilent-logoLAUREL, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aquilent, the recognized leading provider of Web-based solutions shaping the next generation of technology for the federal government, today announced that it led the analysis, supported the procurement, and has initiated the implementation for the GSA Office of Citizen Services’ innovative new IT roadmap. Responsible for developing and rolling out the innovative strategy for the new roadmap, Aquilent is ushering in the infrastructure changes behind and This will facilitate the transformation to a highly flexible and user friendly cloud computing infrastructure hosted by Terremark Worldwide, Inc. and content delivery network (CDN) provided by Akamai Technologies, Inc. under subcontract to Terremark. This work builds on Aquilent’s efforts over the past year to provide strategic support to OCS in this ongoing initiative. Not only will this new infrastructure provide more scalable, flexible and robust capabilities, the new services come at a more than 75% cost savings to OCS. and serve as the U.S. government’s official web portal, providing a centralized resource for information from U.S. local, state, and federal government agency websites. OCS manages both sites and has taken a recognized leadership role in virtualizing its communications systems to support President Obama’s technology agenda, which mandates a more open, transparent, connected, and modernized government. The new IT roadmap will play a key role in supporting this initiative.

First, the cloud infrastructure – also known as an “Infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS) – will enable services to be hosted and deployed in a virtual environment that optimizes and consolidates existing computing resources, promoting more efficient and green computing. and will be empowered with new robust features to help users better connect with government. OCS will benefit from enhanced scalability, network efficiencies, and reduced hardware expenditures. Resource pooling will also virtually eliminate system down times with increased reliability. Security in the virtual environment will be maintained at or above the levels of a physical environment.

Second, the enhanced CDN offloads strain on local web servers to increase reliability and scalability for peak usage times, making sure that and are available when the public needs them. The CDN also will allow OCS to take advantage of new technologies as they become available and to quickly and efficiently integrate these new features into their sites. The improved content delivery system will allow anyone, anywhere, consistent access to the websites offerings of OCS regardless of country of origin due to the many international cache locations of Akamai, providing a true Global presence for OCS. The world-class and state of the art infrastructure built into the CDN, paired with Akamai’s 100% uptime and availability guarantee will ensure that data is always available.

“OCS is helping to fuel the next generation of government collaboration with their move to the cutting edge of web technology infrastructure, enabling OCS to react to the growing needs and expectations of the public to access and interact with the U.S. government. Aquilent is proud to have the opportunity to support their vision, which is clearly in line with President Obama’s innovative technology goals,” stated David Fout, President and CEO of Aquilent. “We look forward to helping GSA implement its innovative, user driven IT roadmap to further enable sites such as and to set new benchmarks for citizen service excellence.”

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