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AT&T Unveils Enterprise CDN Service

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AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) is looking to leverage its large enterprise customer base to increase revenues in its content delivery network (CDN) business, with this week’s launch of CDN services aimed at accelerating rich media and file delivery in corporate networks.

AT&T’s Private Content Distribution Service (PCDS) is designed to help enterprises deliver large video and other rich media files behind the corporate firewall, and to accelerate their distribution across corporate networks.

AT&T argues that by providing its own network infrastructure to facilitate large file transfers, it can reduce the amount of technical expertise enterprises require to enable similar file delivery across a corporate network on their own.

While some CDNs focus primarily on the media and entertainment segment, AT&T believes it can differentiate its service offering and drive adoption with its roster of customers in the enterprise market. In an interview with Contentinople last month, AT&T executive director of market development John Watson touted the company’s commitment to offering CDN services to its corporate customers.

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