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Akamai says “We’re a Cloud Provider, Not a CDN” = RUBBISH

randycooperRyan Lawler, Contentinople, wrote a great article on how Akamai is repositioning itself as a cloud provider. I can sum it up in one word – RUBBISH.

Akamai can call themselves whatever they like, but this is like Steve Martin stating he’s not a comedian, he’s an actor. I love it when a company who started an industry and has dominated it for many years, seemingly tosses all this to the wind for the sake of ‘branding’. How many times can I say stupid and not sound redundant?

Personally, this sounds like rather than stay and fight, and they are now having to fight from all sides from big dogs coming on their front porch to the little ankle biters, they’d rather fold up their tents and move on to some other more glorious battlefield. Frankly, I expect more.

These days, it’s product innovation and differentiation coupled with good old customer service that is going to keep your customers and keep you in business. That is always where successful technology companies have centered themselves.

What can your company do to survive in today’s CDN world? Grow a pair and man up. This industry is for fighters – people who are willing to do what it takes to get the job done and do it right. Stand and fight and don’t jump ship midstream.


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