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Velocix may be first of many to sellout to Telcos

Dan Rayburn tell us in his article Content Delivery Provider Velocix Close To Being Acquired, Telco Most Likely that Velocix is about to be aquired by a Telco. Surprise, right?

velocix_logoVelocix is a good choice for acquisition. They have some wicked technology and a strong in-the-trenches marketing campaign. Why sell out? Simple – money. Hey, I know no one is in this business purely for philanthropic purposes. But, the idea of selling my soul and then just chilling on the beach watching direct deposits hit my account won’t be fun for long. Eventually, it’s time to do something again, and chances are, whatever you were doing you’ll be contractually prevented from doing again.

monopoly-manMaybe it’s just time to get out. Maybe it’s just time to admit the Telcos have won and we’re just going to bail and give them the whole ball of wax and our only victory will be to make sure we get a fair price for our entities and we’ll move on to selling flash drives with funny sayings on them.

Anyone that knows me, knows that the spirit of surrender is not within me. From my Marine Corps past, I was taught to never retreat, however at times it’s best to regroup and plan a counterattack.

However, if you’re ready to cash in your chips, your margarita is waiting for you. Get your books in order and start shopping. I’m sure you’ll come along an interested party shortly.


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