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Blackwave Announces CDNetworks as First CDN Customer

Blackwave chosen for its superior performance, stability and ease of integration in powering storage and distribution of video into CDNetworks’ U.S. delivery network

logoBlackwaveActon, MA – June 9, 2009 – Blackwave, an innovator in Internet video storage and delivery infrastructure, today announced that CDNetworks, a top-three global, full-service content delivery network (CDN), has deployed the Blackwave 8150 System to enhance storage and distribution of video into the CDNetworks U.S. delivery network.

Having recently acquired Panther Express, CDNetworks, Asia’s #1 CDN, is rapidly expanding its U.S. and European footprint. “We are proud to have CDNetworks as our first CDN customer,” said Bob Rizika, Blackwave’s CEO. “Their choice signals confidence in our ability to reliably store and deliver premium video content for a top-tier CDN.” The deployment represents a significant customer victory for Blackwave.

“The Blackwave system has the robustness to handle initialization of the request and expedite delivery, guaranteeing a sub 1.5 second time to video for the viewer,” said Michael Kuperman, Director of Global Operations for CDNetworks. “With their system, we are able to rapidly and cost-effectively scale our implementation of the Adobe┬« Flash┬« Media Server 3 software distribution network in support of our growing customer base.”

The Blackwave system operates simultaneously at both the Origin and Middle-Tier of the content delivery network. Multiple CDN customers are able to concurrently upload their content into the Blackwave 8150 System for a low-cost origin storage. When an end-user makes a request for a stored video, the Blackwave System feeds CDNetworks HTTP and Flash Media streaming servers with the file within milliseconds.

CDNetworks has integrated the Blackwave system into its infrastructure to support the stable delivery of high-resolution media files to a large simultaneous audience. “As CDNetworks expands their Blackwave back-end infrastructure, they will have the ability to deliver video using multiple protocols, at reduced latency and a lower cost, than alternative systems,” noted Rizika.

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