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Jackson Memorial Posts Huge Traffic Numbers

While yesterday’s memorial service for Michael Jackson wasn’t as big as the Presidential Inauguration just a few months ago, it was still pretty huge.

Content delivery network (CDN) cloud services provider Akamai Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: AKAM) said it had its second-best traffic day ever, delivering 2.2 million live and on-demand video streams. At its peak, total traffic on its network surpassed a rate of more than 2 terabits per second during the memorial service.

CDN Highwinds Network Group Inc. and peer-assisted streaming video firm Octoshape Aps reported that together they served up 2.7 million live video streams during the memorial service. Those streams were served up to viewers at the official Michael Jackson site,, and a “news broadcasting customer” that they can’t name, but we can: It’s CNN.

While Akamai reported yesterday was its second-best traffic day, Limelight Networks Inc. (Nasdaq: LLNW) says it posted record traffic numbers during the memorial, even beating the amount of video it delivered during the Presidential Inauguration.

Limelight couldn’t go into specifics, due to NDAs with some squeamish customers that didn’t want to boast too much about huge numbers of concurrent video streams, but spokesperson Paul Alfieri assured us that the company’s network held up well despite the massive influx of video viewers.

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