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In-Stat Reports CDN Market Worth $2B by 2013

In-Stat thinks cheaper and more efficient Internet delivery is the way of the future. The firm today released research detailing how content delivery networks and data centers will improve and personalize the relationship between content owners and viewers. In-Stat estimates the global CDN market will nearly double by 2013 to more than $2 billion.

“As content providers build or out-source their own data centers, they will be in charge of every aspect of their content,” said In-Stat analyst Gerry Kaufhold in the release. “We will see flexible, complex, and creative ways to derive every last penny out of every piece of content.”

Today, the reliability of Internet video delivery barely compares to traditional living room methods. But peak load and congestion problems will be managed for over-the-top delivery through a combination of edge caching, managed peer-to-peer networks, and adaptive bitrate streaming , said In-Stat.

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