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StreamZilla introduces CDN in a Box

CDN-in-a-Box is a private CDN within the StreamZilla CDN.

It is specifically designed for CDN resellers who need more control over their resources and their customers.

It is also an ideal solution for enterprises and broadcasters who need to dynamically assign CDN resources to multiple projects.

By using the VDO-X powered CDN-in-a-Box service companies can now offer their customers a competitive CDN solution with many innovative new features.

CDN-in-a-Box customers get dedicated CDN storage, server and network resources with guaranteed capacity. The minimum setup offers 2TB storage, 1Gbps network capacity and full support for live and VOD streaming in Flash, H.264, 3GPP, QuickTime, AAC and MP3.

100% Control

CDN-in-a-Box customers have secure access to their private CDN management interface (powered by our VDO-X technology) to manage and monitor their dedicated CDN and it’s resources.

Via their advanced CDN management interface, the CDN-in-a-Box reseller can setup accounts, and manage CDN resources per account.

Every CDN-in-a-Box user account gets the full-featured, professional VDO-X Self Service Center that powers the regular StreamZilla CDN accounts. This interface can be customized to match the resellers’ look and feel.

Network & capacity

Traffic is offered utility based (PayPerTB), or can be delivered through dedicated, flat-fee capped links with unlimited traffic at extremely competitive rates. All links are dedicated and are offered via a 2 Terabit/s pan-European Network with optimal global connectivity. StreamZilla guarantees an A+ Keynote ranking for global performance for each individual streaming protocol.

CDN-in-a-Box resellers are not limited to the capacity of their private CDN. Hot assets and relays are automatically overflowed to the StreamZilla CDN bursting resources, to offload traffic peaks from the private CDN.

The CDN-in-a-Box reseller can optimize bursts, load, costs and margins by tuning an optimal mix between his flat-fee capacity and flexible StreamZilla CDN overflow traffic per account.


The CDN-in-a-Box resources are managed by StreamZilla. The reseller does not have to worry about infrastructure or software. All resources are pro-actively monitored. To prevent downtime due to potential errors, the CDN-in-a-Box has automated recovery, rerouting and fallback mechanisms.


The CDN-in-a-Box service is offered from an incredibly low price of €1750 ($2500) per month. This includes powerful server resources, licenses, storage, network capacity, management and support.

The CDN-in-a-Box can be extended with many upgrade options for storage, hardware, software, network capacity, service levels and support levels.

Traffic rates are as low as €0,03 ($0,04) per GB. Flat-Fee links with unlimited traffic are offered from €5 ($7) per Mbps.

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First customer

Hoek & Sonepouse is a leading European audiovisual facilitating company. The company is a trusted partner for content industry leaders including Warner, Sony, Bridge and Walt Disney. StreamZilla is the preferred CDN for Hoek & Sonepouse. The company has multiple reasons to own a private CDN. The first reason is security. The company has to guarantee an end-to-end secured chain to be able to distribute classified, not-yet published high quality media. A private CDN guarantees that no third parties have access to their CDN resources and cannot influence the CDN performance. Other reasons are flexibility in assigning CDN resources to their customers and low operational costs.


The CDN-in-a-Box concept was developed using the latest CDN resource sharing technologies we have built into VDO-X. These technologies allows multiple VDO-X CDN management servers to utilize multiple CDN resources even within multiple CDN’s.

VDO-X is a 100% software solution so it can run on generic, affordable, yet powerful servers. Our parallelization approach allows us to densify the required CDN resources for management, replication, redirection and reporting into a single server. The same parallelization is used to densify multiple delivery technologies into a single node.

CDN-in-a-Box can actually run on a single server without the need for virtualization technologies, but can be extended over multiple servers for redundancy and dynamic scaling reasons.

The competitive advantages of VDO-X are important: other CDN operators do not have these flexibility and density advantages and cannot offer a similar, full-featured, dedicated CDN environment at such low costs.


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