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#CDN #Limelight Networks® Introduces New Mobility and Monetization Services

LimelightREACH and LimelightADS bring device-optimized targeting to mobile media delivery, allowing publishers to customize content and advertisements for individual devices.

limelight_networksTempe, Az — 27 July 2009 — Limelight Networks, Inc (NASDAQ: LLNW) today announced the immediate availability of LimelightREACH™ and LimelightADS™, two new services that provide turnkey capabilities for customizing and monetizing media delivery in a mobile world. These new solutions are based on technology Limelight Networks acquired from Kiptronic in May 2009.

Sample mobile website delivered by LimelightREACH. Text llnwmobile to 64636 to see for yourself.

According to Nielsen(1), US consumers are watching more content per month than ever before, and viewing is wide spread across three screens: traditional television, Web browsers, and media-enabled mobile devices. As audiences continue to fragment across devices, publishers need a simple way to deliver content wherever those audiences go. LimelightREACH and LimelightADS solve this problem by using contextual awareness and an intelligent delivery platform to customize media assets on the fly. The technology delivers a high-quality playback experience for consumers and new targeted revenue opportunities for content publishers. This means publishers can create content once, yet distribute and monetize it across many networks and connected devices.

“Consumer viewing habits are evolving rapidly with the expectation that media should be available not just at home, but on the go. As a result, many of our customers are looking at aggressively expanding the reach of their online media in the mobile arena,” said Bill Loewenthal, vice president and general manager, mobility and monetization solutions, Limelight Networks. “Our solution is a combination of mobility products, robust, media-grade infrastructure that provides the scale necessary to support ever-growing audiences, and the field-proven success of mobile infrastructure technologies that target and personalize media delivery.”

LimelightREACH uses the company’s intelligent global computing platform to auto-detect end-user devices and deliver device-optimized media files, with no change in the publishing process, for the best consumer media experience. The solution enables publishers to distribute properly-formatted content to almost any media-enabled mobile handset – from early video-capable phones to smartphones such as the Apple iPhone™ 3GS or Palm Pre™ – using a single, Universal URL. Based on an ever-growing library of device profiles, LimelightREACH delivers the right file over the right protocol and network to the specific device that requested the content. Through an open architecture, LimelightREACH can be paired with Limelight Networks’ own media-grade content delivery service, or service from other major CDN providers.

LimelightADS helps publishers move beyond the Web browser to reach audiences in widgets, mobile applications, video games, and more. The service allows publishers to present dynamic pre-, mid-, or post-roll video and audio advertising into media that is delivered to mobile or connected users. LimelightADS works seamlessly with a publisher’s existing ad insertion process, integrating directly into leading ad decision engines like DoubleClick DART and Microsoft Atlas, and allowing publishers to maintain any existing management interface for measuring ad success. Publishers can change ads dynamically and even rotate multiple campaigns and advertisers within the same content segment. With LimelightADS, publishers remain in control, managing their ad sales and operations as they always have—whether they are using their own internal ad sales teams or are working through a trusted partner.

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