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Yankee Group Releases an Anywhere Scorecard for Content Delivery Networks

BOSTON – (Business Wire) Yankee Group today unveiled the results of its new Anywhere Scorecard for content delivery networks (CDNs), which evaluates the 10 most compelling CDN providers based on their Vision and Ability to Transform. As online content assets grow in size and significance and the public IP network faces increased strain, dedicated content delivery solutions are quickly becoming an imperative for enterprises large and small.

The report, “Yankee Group Anywhere Scorecard: Content Delivery Networks, 2009” and its companion report, “The Fate of the CDNs” reveal:

  • Akamai and Limelight were named Front-runners with the highest scores. Although the nuances of their solutions and services vary, both players offer the right mix of technology leadership, market reputation and sound strategic vision that customers should be looking for.
  • AT&T, Level 3 Communications and other players from the wholesale realm were named Contenders, the second-highest ranking. Their strong IP services bundle, significant scale and a different cost-to-revenue equation are important, but their core products are not yet on par with the technology and functionality of the stand-alone CDNs.
  • Fierce competition and confusion prevail in the CDN market, which includes 30 to 40 players.

“The CDN market is burdened by an overabundance of choice that can be vexing for prospective customers,” said David Vorhaus, senior analyst and author of the reports. “We expect market consolidation to begin in earnest in the next six to 12 months as the vendor landscape shrinks to seven to 10 key players. Each player in the Anywhere Scorecard is positioned quite differently for future success or failure, and customers should look carefully at their specific needs when evaluating the right solution for them.”

For more information, please read the Anywhere Scorecard Guide or register for the complimentary webinar, “Anywhere Scorecard Buzz: Content Delivery Networks” on August 13, 2009, at 11:00 am EDT.

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