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KPN builds Content Delivery Network #CDN

AMERSFOORT / GRONINGEN, THE NETHERLANDS – August 11, 2009 – KPN, leading tier-1 telecom operator launched their Content Delivery Network service, powered by VideoExchange CDN software.

To meet the dramatic increase in demand from broadband subscribers and content owners for optimized online media delivery, KPN deployed a true next generation Content Delivery Network facility inside its network.

KPN can now offer true streaming services for Flash, Silverlight, H.264 and 3GPP clients – as well as accelerated web downloads – to it’s content customers base such as sports events, broadcasters and governments. The CDN can be used for the three most important KPN broadband services: web, mobile and IPTV. One of the first customers on the CDN is the ‘Eredivisie’, the highest football league in the Netherlands. All soccer matches are broadcasted live as a pay-per-view or subscription service.

Telecom operators have a strategic benefit by deploying an on-net CDN. ISP’s feel they are squeezed between huge customer demand and CDN’s who push large traffic volumes into their networks. By deploying a CDN KPN optimizes content flow in the network, increases QoS, increases capacity and can offer advanced, competitive and professional on-net delivery services to content owners. They take back the distribution role in the value chain.

Telecom operators have a number of choices for deploying a CDN: in-house development can take years and does not guarantee a working solution. Reselling an existing CDN can be a short-term strategy. By selecting the innovative VideoExchange ( software from award-winning CDN software vendor Jet Stream, KPN was able to build a scalable, full-featured on-net CDN in less than two months, from scratch to fully operational.

The 100Gbps capacity KPN CDN was designed, deployed and managed by KPN staff, after a brief training by Jet Stream staff. The two months deployment time frame included architecture design, hardware configuration, hardware ordering, hardware deployment, software installation, system integration, thorough testing and even feature additions. According to the KPN staff the process was a breeze thanks to the extensive documentation and professional support of the Jet Stream staff.

The KPN CDN is a true next generation content delivery platform that controls a scalable cloud of delivery servers running Wowza Media Server, Windows Media Server, QuickTime Streaming Server and Apache. The VideoExchange CDN software has advanced built-in mechanisms for asset replication, relay management, geo load balancing, hot asset recognition and reporting.

“We are very excited about the KPN case”; says Jet Stream CEO Stef van der Ziel, “We pioneered CDN technology licensing for many years in Europe, Russia and South America. Although we already have over a dozen other deployments, KPN is internationally well-known and their trust will help us convince other leading operators to deploy their own CDN based upon our VideoExchange technology.”

VideoExchange greatly reduces the deployment impact. Operators no longer need expensive appliances for asset replication and redirection. A CDN can be deployed without disturbing the network infrastructure. The software runs on generic and affordable server hardware. The Jet Stream parallelization technology greatly densifies the infrastructure without losing performance. The software is licensed on a capacity basis, allowing KPN to seamlessly grow along with their customers’ audience.

Managing the KPN CDN is a breeze compared to other CDN solutions: VideoExchange offers an integrated dashboard to setup servers, geo-optimize routing, manage products and provision customers. Operators get realtime statistics to overview the status of each node in the CDN cloud. Content owners have a private dashboard for managing assets, setting up live streams, realtime statistics, in-depth reports and advanced API’s for workflow integration.

The VideoExchange technology also introduces an innovative business approach called ‘CDN resources sharing’. ISP based CDN’s may not cover the entire market. Therefore the technology lets operators share resources between their CDNs. Multiple VideoExchange powered operators can further geo-optimize traffic by automatically sharing and offloading hot assets and streams among each other.

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