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#Viadeo Chooses #Cotendo to Provide #CDN Infrastructure for Global Business Social Network

cotendo_logoSAN CARLOS, CA — 08/11/09 — Cotendo, a content delivery network and innovator of software-focused CDN technologies, today announced that Viadeo, one of the world’s largest online professional networks, is implementing the Cotendo Content Delivery Application Suite to support its global growth strategy. Cotendo’s Content Delivery service will play an important role in Viadeo’s growth by enabling it to dramatically scale up its network traffic capacity and performance without incurring significant development or deployment costs.

Viadeo will especially capitalize on key operational benefits of Cotendo’s advanced Content Delivery service, including its hierarchical technology that allows for an extremely large quantity of content objects — millions in Viadeo’s case. Based on patent-pending software technology, Cotendo Content Delivery enables Viadeo to CDN-enable its full content library, thus ensuring a high quality experience for each of its members. “With Cotendo, we have the ideal CDN platform for enhancing our members’ experience by improving their use of all the features Viadeo provides to help develop their professional network, do business and manage their career,” said Dan Serfaty, Viadeo’s CEO and Founder. “Cotendo makes it easy for us to scale infrastructure to accommodate our growth while also improving performance.”

“Cotendo enables Viadeo to maximize the delivered performance of its web community and improve the experience for all its users worldwide,” said Ronni Zehavi, Cotendo’s CEO. “Viadeo’s choice of Cotendo as their CDN infrastructure is a testament to our leadership in the accelerated Internet delivery of all web site content.”

In addition to Cotendo Content Delivery, Viadeo leverages Cotendo for whole site delivery as well as real-time reporting. With whole site delivery, Cotendo provides delivery of dynamic — and therefore non-cacheable — content such as database-generated personalized and localized HTML pages, and works in conjunction with Cotendo Content Delivery for full site delivery from a single platform with integrated control of both. Cotendo RT Reports gives Viadeo actionable, real-time data on their traffic and audience.

Cotendo’s strategic partner in France, CDN Technologies, worked with Viadeo to match their infrastructure requirements to Cotendo’s CDN applications suite, and provides ongoing support as part of the customer account team. “Cotendo was very responsive and worked with us for an extended period during preliminary testing of CDN services to ensure a great match against Viadeo’s requirements,” said William Sroussi of CDN Tech. “We confidently look forward to leveraging Cotendo’s CDN suite to handle Viadeo’s continued success and growth.”

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